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PS 123K

PS 123K

Mission Statement

Public School 123 is a learning community that is dedicated to fostering ethical, caring, self-reflective and critical thinkers with a life-long love for learning.  Relationships and communication between adults and students are at the core of our community.  PS 123 celebrates the diversity of all its members, supports their different learning styles, and encourages them to express their individuality and pursue their interests.  PS 123 is a place for children (...and adults) to discover and feel confident about who they are, build healthy relationships with adults and peers, and investigate their questions about the world in a safe, nurturing and academically rigorous environment.  This community aims to cultivate a love of learning in all its members.

We constantly update our site with all that’s happening at P.S.123K The Suydam Magnet School for STEAM, so make sure you stay in touch.

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